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Birthday Lightning…

Posted on Sep 06 2009 under Diary of the ONE, Writings

Today Jamie would be been 41.

It is hard to think that this time last year we were laughing, drinking and playing mad percussion in my living room.

Jamie was thin – had got quickly thin but none of us really worried.

He had puched his body to the edge all his life – his body was bound to protest wasn’t it?

A few weeks rest, some vitamins, some good green veggies and the odd can of condensed milk (the vice he kept far more secret that the drug he tool!) and he would be fine.

Shows how wrong we were.

Many people have asked me why Jamie had to leave us? Was it his time? Was it Karma? Was it his lifestyle?

Yes, it is true that Jamie chose to life his life by balancing risk with pleasure, coped with fear by anger and joyously trampled on what he saw was the safe and the boring.

Yet, in the end. no-one knows why his life was cut so terribly short.

We all have seen at time in our lives,  in dark nights or stormy grey days, the  sharp bolt of lighting that suddenly reaches down and connects, scorching and final,  with ground.

Most of the time, in spite of its terrifying suggestion of things beyond our control  it actually means very little;  some tiles of a roof, a blown phone line or  something else innocuous.

These consequences hide the power that passed us by.

Yet, sometime time we stare in awe and fear when we see a lighting struck oak tree

Even with its deep thick roots that have dug deep and intertwined into the deep  ground, even with  its solid bark and its vibrant green leaves,  it has been suddenly cut down, sometimes even cut along its very centre!

We don’t understand why this time was different.

Why this solid, seemly everlasting life-force is now broken, the essence of it ebbing away.

There seems no reason why today was any different than yesterday but still it was today the lightning struck and all the world, from microcosm to passing stranger, knows that something significant has been lost.


Raise a glass or three  (see Jamie’s page on Facebook) and say Happy Birthday to James Eade.

We are still left shocked and wondering but life, it seems, carries on.

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