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Why 2

Posted on Nov 30 2008 under Lyrics, Poems & Feelings | Tags: , , , , ,

In this time No thing is natural
We have travelled so far from our past

The journey of the wise man never slows
His pace rhythmically linked to the flow
Synchronicity in a vibration show
Understanding natures equilibrium in balance
From deep within the subconscious

Willpower – you gonna need
Willpower – if you no want greed
Time now no matter
Tell me – what your step
Gotta keep strong
You gotta – do what you say
Take time feel the magic
See how it play

Don’t let yourself be worried
By the troubles of your life
You need to find where you are going
Take some time to get it right
All that’s needed is direction
Choose a path and let it flow
You will fin most ya worries
Gone before tomorrow

Why are you – worry, worry, worrying?
Why are you – hurry, hurry, hurrying?
Can’t you see – Gotta take it easy
Take the time- enjoy your life
Take time you see – enjoy –be free
Be free – no worry, no hurry, take it easy

Got to take a little
A little time in your life
Time to think
Avoid the trouble & the strife
We got to take a little
A little time in your life
To find the feelings
& Change wrongs into rights

Waste a day
Gowan out and play
Leave your troubles behind
Find space
Time from the race
Need to slow down
Cut your pace
Take Time
Gowan out and play
Leave your troubles behind

When you want
You get stoned
But don’t get to stoned to be stoned

Life is a happy thing
Gotta pick it up now
Gotta do your own thing
Need to smile
Need to laugh
Find a lover
& Choose a path

Because you are
I am

I got the fear of loosing you
I got the fever of loving you

You can do what you wanna do
Don’t have to suffer the hand of another
Don’t have to do, if you don’t wanna
Cause you can do just what you wanna
It’s your life the decisions they are up to you
Now you can do what you want to do

Never thought I’d find a way to do it
Now see me dancing on the floor
Never thought I’d find a way to show it
Now I’m dancing more and more

You make me feel free
It’s what you mean to me
You set me free
I ask, give your love to me
You’re all that I see
You’re everything to me

I am not a part, of the race
I got time, set my own pace
By design, there’s time
To relax, recover & unwind
The most important moment you will find
Is when there’s no-thing astir in your mind
Harmony of peace, there to remind
Of all the wonder of being alive

2 Dream

Well… had two extremely vivid dreams last night..

The first, me and a friend found our-self in the same location as two, escaped,  lions, one male one female. Quite early on my friend and I got separated. The lion went after my mate, I have a feeling I saw a chance to get away and took it, running along a wall and up along a path. Although i don’t know what happened to my mate I didn’t see him again before I woke up.

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Mr Chang – (Elephant in Thai)

OH Mr Chang how happy I am to have re-met you

The feeling that you ignite

Is one looking at itself

Through the reincarnation’s of the light

Our souls have been brought together before

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Posted on Jun 17 2005 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , , , , ,

The story of two wizards, their journey from early adept-ship through the ordeals of the purification of the spirit. At one of these trials one fails and leaves to seek his own path, eventually turning into the path of the Black Brotherhood.

Story of a boy turned man, searching fro truth, he meets our good wizard to progress with his teaching & understanding of the Great Work. Read more »

Where is the love?

Play tune here


Our Ignorance

Posted on Nov 12 2004 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , , , ,

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Ecuador -Part14

Posted on Mar 02 2004 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , ,

Have you noticed how people when earning considerably more than they once had, soon forget their past along with their friends. As your earnings grow you start to move with different people (usually with more money than your previous crowd of friends) you need to buy better belongings; cloths, shoes, cars & houses all change. People move house into different areas & mix with more wealthy people; views, opinions & attitudes slowly change, the past gets forgotten as you are born into your new life.
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