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Obama Speech

Posted on Jan 01 2009 under random things | Tags: , , , , ,

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Posted on Jan 12 2007 under random things | Tags: , , , , ,

Providence – Work of the Kabbalist

The supervision of providence is a vast, subtle & complex operation. For most of us its workings are a mystery that gives us just what we need, rather than what we wan, at the right time. Its main aim, in accordance with the will of heaven, is to help mankind transform the world of Action and the elements into a paradise on earth in which the presence of the Holy One is known by every incarnate being. Read more »

“Wheel of Existence”

Posted on Jan 11 2005 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

The “wheel of existence” or the “wheel of evolution” refers to the wheel of karma or destiny. Karma is a Sanskrit word that means “Action” it is a destiny consciously chosen in life by each person, created by the total life experiences of the all previous incarnations. Karma is the spiritual law of cause and effect – a law of consequence that plays itself out in psychic, moral & physical ways in the life of human beings. One of the fundamentals of karma is that you get back what you give out. Thus evil that you do in one lifetime will come back to haunt you in the next; likewise, the good that you do in one lifetime will come back to reward you in the next. In this manner, the individual human soul slowly evolves over the course of many lifetimes gradually learning through its mistakes and growing a little wiser, a little closer to the divine each time. In Buddhism, the “wheel of life”or “round of births” is known as Sasara. the mystic seeks to get off the wheel of incarnations soon as possible, speeding up the process of spiritual growth through various techniques of meditation and magick. Once freed from the wheel, the soul of the mystic can merge with the ultimate unity that is God. – IR – The Middle Pillar

The Hebrew tern for this concept is TIKKUN or redemption.

“Be free from the pairs of opposites”

Pillar of Severity Pillar of Balance Pillar of Mercy

Chiah & Neshamah – Qabalah

Anima & Animus – Jung

Ying & Yang – Chinese

Ecuador -Part 11

Posted on Feb 15 2004 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , , , , ,

One part of Ecuadorian culture that still seems to thrive is the family run bus services. Each family/company might have a few buses servicing certain routes. There are hundreds of different companies with each one’s busses decorated in a different way; all are different colours, sizes or states of repair, quite a sight.

A trip usually works out to $1 per hour, so you can travel round Ecuador & S.A easily & cheaply. The quality of the ride varies completely so check out your bus before buying the ticket. The drivers are a little mad, possibly the thought of getting pulled over & robbed, although this only happens on occasional overnight journeys or falling many feet to your death off the side of a mountain.

The roads are untrustworthy, windy & mountainous; heart stopping if you are crazy enough to be watching & worrying about it. The pumping Salsa or Merenge music is there to keep your mind distracted & your spirit lifted.
Whenever the bus stops at a junction or at the lights people jump on & off, most trying to sell you something, anything; water, sweets, fruit, chicken (yea sure it’s chicken) on skewers, home made cake, sunglasses, razors, cloths, etc the range is endless. Read more »





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