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Equal As One

Posted on Jul 28 2005 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , , , , ,

“If there were not any cleaners, the world would be very messy”

All equal, all important, all working the One.

Even the man here is Thailand that goes through the rubbish, recycling all he can, we live in an apartment and all the rubbish from six floors ends up with this man, sifting and sorting through it, separating it and recycling it, making the most he can out of what others throw away.

But really his main income is as a police informant who let the police know anytime he finds something, anything untoward in the trash. Weed busts are rife cause of this bloke, the separator, informer.

“A holiday is when you stop doing for others, for pleasure or for a wage, and start to have time to do things for oneself, your wishes, your desires, your feelings, your emotions”

Cuss Cuss

Posted on Dec 31 2004 under Lyrics, Poems & Feelings | Tags: , , , , , ,

I cuss the people mentioned in this wee tune
If ya cant take the pressure you better leave the room
First to those who don’t think or feel for the other
Don’t have a moment for their sister or brother
To those lost in their own ego and pride, you denied
Don’t see an equal in their woman or brideglobe
To those lost seeking material endeavour
You one of the worst, above others, oh so clever! Huh
Out to those who look down on the needy or the poor
To you I say get up, get out of the door
No room for you here, remove yourself until you learn more
To those who indulge to shameful excess, no control, a mess
Pull yourself together; learn to exorcise your will
Nobody to stop ya, up to you to eat, drink, take drugs or pills
To those with no integrity, not aware of your effect
Out for yourselves, taking all you can get
To y’all engrossed in Tek-knowledge-ee, not natures way
Our big comeuppance not so far off today
Out to all those with no spiritual connection
Denying yourselves & the rest salvation
Blind leaders of today weak, corrupt, your blame, your shame below all other if you sell out, talk the talk, but no action do you take, let down your electing people,
to which now you can’t even relate
Big out to the stars of so called celebrity’s fame
Never see you using your situation to the aid of another
All self centred, insecure, shallow and vane
Try representing and endorsing without taking the money
You’re a worse prostitute than the girls of no money, no honey
To you who judge, as if you know shit, grow up, get over it
So worried about what others do, judge yourself the only rule
All those with no respect for nature, see her to be brought or sold
Raping, caging, taming, cutting, killing & hunting untold
No natural need to feed within your mind, leave you behind
Now is there anybody left in the room?
If so let me hear ya, cause we going zoom to the moon
Aware of your being, how others feeling and seeing
Open, balanced, connected, humble, honest and free
You the ones who gonna party, come climb with me
On and up, shine, spirit connect, the one journey to make
Every man and woman is a star
Love is the law, love under will, you have come so far.

Too Many People

Posted on Jun 29 2000 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , , ,

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