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A sister without a brother…

Posted on Jun 01 2013 under Diary of the ONE, Lyrics, Poems & Feelings

A sister without a brother

 It’s  another year since you left.
Another year we have thought about you…
Another year we walked and wondered about you…
Another year we mourned  plans we had made for this year…
Another year we questioned  where you would have been this year…
Another year to wonder if you would still be under Thai skies this year…
Another year to wonder if we’d might have seen small hazel orbs in a Thai babies eyes this year…
Another year to wonder why…
Another year, still tears to cry…
Another year to dance on a beach…
To dream of a life led out of reach.

We all miss you xxxx

Truth – Our history

Posted on Jan 17 2009 under Diary of the ONE, Lyrics, Poems & Feelings | Tags: , , ,

Published posthumously – undated .

Play tune here



Posted on Jan 15 2009 under Diary of the ONE, Lyrics, Poems & Feelings, Writings | Tags: , ,


Posted on Jan 01 2009 under Diary of the ONE, Lyrics, Poems & Feelings | Tags: , , ,

Published Posthumously – no date.

Play tune here


Ying Yang

Posted on Dec 18 2008 under Diary of the ONE, Lyrics, Poems & Feelings | Tags: , , , , , , ,

Ying you dear, sweet, cute, cuddly being

The energy, your love permeates all you do

Limitless & boundless no end to your light

Your gaze penetrating

Your touch warm and slight

The only one to make me feel to continue, rise up and fight

The touch of your body makes me tingle through the night

How can I sleep with your embrace so tight

Every little look, expression on your face

Cuts right through me with spiritual grace

You make me aware

Make me want to check all that I am

Curb my habits to conform to your plan

Stand up, take stock, be all your man, your lot

I find I have no wants except to be close to you

Any plans and intentions put to one side

As my thoughts turn to your desires and needs

My only want to see you pleased

Take any worries or bad thoughts that you may have

Find the solutions, do all that you ask

Unconditional, no tie, give all my energy to you

And more, to see your smile, my happiness task

Girl I hope this feeling endures and lasts

Each day at a time, moment of now

Enjoying this amazing feeling your bring to me

Union in being a pleasure to be

All wrapped up in loving thee

Ying, Te Ammo, mi amor, do you see….

Why 2

Posted on Nov 30 2008 under Lyrics, Poems & Feelings | Tags: , , , , ,

In this time No thing is natural
We have travelled so far from our past

The journey of the wise man never slows
His pace rhythmically linked to the flow
Synchronicity in a vibration show
Understanding natures equilibrium in balance
From deep within the subconscious

Willpower – you gonna need
Willpower – if you no want greed
Time now no matter
Tell me – what your step
Gotta keep strong
You gotta – do what you say
Take time feel the magic
See how it play

Don’t let yourself be worried
By the troubles of your life
You need to find where you are going
Take some time to get it right
All that’s needed is direction
Choose a path and let it flow
You will fin most ya worries
Gone before tomorrow

Why are you – worry, worry, worrying?
Why are you – hurry, hurry, hurrying?
Can’t you see – Gotta take it easy
Take the time- enjoy your life
Take time you see – enjoy –be free
Be free – no worry, no hurry, take it easy

Got to take a little
A little time in your life
Time to think
Avoid the trouble & the strife
We got to take a little
A little time in your life
To find the feelings
& Change wrongs into rights

Waste a day
Gowan out and play
Leave your troubles behind
Find space
Time from the race
Need to slow down
Cut your pace
Take Time
Gowan out and play
Leave your troubles behind

When you want
You get stoned
But don’t get to stoned to be stoned

Life is a happy thing
Gotta pick it up now
Gotta do your own thing
Need to smile
Need to laugh
Find a lover
& Choose a path

Because you are
I am

I got the fear of loosing you
I got the fever of loving you

You can do what you wanna do
Don’t have to suffer the hand of another
Don’t have to do, if you don’t wanna
Cause you can do just what you wanna
It’s your life the decisions they are up to you
Now you can do what you want to do

Never thought I’d find a way to do it
Now see me dancing on the floor
Never thought I’d find a way to show it
Now I’m dancing more and more

You make me feel free
It’s what you mean to me
You set me free
I ask, give your love to me
You’re all that I see
You’re everything to me

I am not a part, of the race
I got time, set my own pace
By design, there’s time
To relax, recover & unwind
The most important moment you will find
Is when there’s no-thing astir in your mind
Harmony of peace, there to remind
Of all the wonder of being alive

What You Need

Posted on Nov 30 2008 under Lyrics, Poems & Feelings | Tags: , , , , ,

Live by vibes to stay alive

Open mind to what’s inside

Some of us we try and hide

sun That deepest feeling from inside

How to live your life is up to you

Many will try & tell you, what is true?

Learn to follow that feeling inside

Trust the spirit guide

There’s many a man Gonna feel the pain

When the only concern is personal gain

We all gotta live for “What you need”

Not what you want “We call that greed”

blue eyeTis balance in all the final aim

Don’t get mixed up

Don’t play their games

If it’s needed step aside

Take time to think

Find your vibe Wise men say “You gonna pay”

If you no feeling for life today

So learn to trust that feeling inside

It’ll bring you Love You cannot hide

Tequila No More

Posted on Jan 29 2005 under Lyrics, Poems & Feelings | Tags: , , , , , ,

OK, so tequila no more

Taken so long to realize

Had blinkered vision before

Maybe I can take it

Not true of the all

Seeing the past repeat

Setting myself up for a fall

So today be the day

I leave the alcohol behind

I just hope

Clarity of mind I find

With strength as my guide

No more do I hide

Looking for control of the I

No need to indulge to fly

Feed off natural high

No reasons to ask why

Cause mind pure and clean

No distortions ever seen

Clear from the rot

Tequila, alcohols lot.

I Invoke

Posted on Jan 06 2005 under Lyrics, Poems & Feelings | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

I invoke the Lord of will within me

Take his word & strength at all times

Up to me to control me

Always good to have word from a guide

Connected spiritually  inside

Cuss Cuss

Posted on Dec 31 2004 under Lyrics, Poems & Feelings | Tags: , , , , , ,

I cuss the people mentioned in this wee tune
If ya cant take the pressure you better leave the room
First to those who don’t think or feel for the other
Don’t have a moment for their sister or brother
To those lost in their own ego and pride, you denied
Don’t see an equal in their woman or brideglobe
To those lost seeking material endeavour
You one of the worst, above others, oh so clever! Huh
Out to those who look down on the needy or the poor
To you I say get up, get out of the door
No room for you here, remove yourself until you learn more
To those who indulge to shameful excess, no control, a mess
Pull yourself together; learn to exorcise your will
Nobody to stop ya, up to you to eat, drink, take drugs or pills
To those with no integrity, not aware of your effect
Out for yourselves, taking all you can get
To y’all engrossed in Tek-knowledge-ee, not natures way
Our big comeuppance not so far off today
Out to all those with no spiritual connection
Denying yourselves & the rest salvation
Blind leaders of today weak, corrupt, your blame, your shame below all other if you sell out, talk the talk, but no action do you take, let down your electing people,
to which now you can’t even relate
Big out to the stars of so called celebrity’s fame
Never see you using your situation to the aid of another
All self centred, insecure, shallow and vane
Try representing and endorsing without taking the money
You’re a worse prostitute than the girls of no money, no honey
To you who judge, as if you know shit, grow up, get over it
So worried about what others do, judge yourself the only rule
All those with no respect for nature, see her to be brought or sold
Raping, caging, taming, cutting, killing & hunting untold
No natural need to feed within your mind, leave you behind
Now is there anybody left in the room?
If so let me hear ya, cause we going zoom to the moon
Aware of your being, how others feeling and seeing
Open, balanced, connected, humble, honest and free
You the ones who gonna party, come climb with me
On and up, shine, spirit connect, the one journey to make
Every man and woman is a star
Love is the law, love under will, you have come so far.





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