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Truth – Our history

Posted on Jan 17 2009 under Diary of the ONE, Lyrics, Poems & Feelings | Tags: , , ,

Published posthumously – undated .

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Cosmic Experience – The Work of the Kabbaliest

Due to the power of such experiences it is why a gradual and disciplined approach is absolutely vital so as to be able to handle them. It is also the reason why drugs, which allow rapid access to the higher regions are discouraged. One may see the wondrous sights of Heaven & Hell, but few drug takers can hold such an experience and make any sense out of it. Many never want to intrude into the other worlds again, and like Jack of the Beanstalk encounter with the giant, who can blame them for cutting sown the plant that had given them access to cosmic experience too early.



Posted on Dec 27 2004 under Diary of the ONE, Lyrics, Poems & Feelings | Tags: , , , , ,

Earthquake, they say, far off out to sea

Causing a tsunami of 22 meters, well above the trees

Came crashing to land at 6 in the morning

Unaware, asleep, the destruction dawning

With the power so strong ripping through the land

Few of the beach huts stood a chance

Taken away along with there inhabitants

Piled up in a heap where the wave subsided

Or pulled out to sea as the waters returned

3000 missing lost in the chaos, just Thailand alone

Destructive power of nature, quiet, no malice

As the waters receded and the damage shown

Full extent of the disaster, sinks in, known

Paradise ripped apart

As fragile as eggshells being trod on from above

Frequency of natural destructive events raising higher and higher

Will climb to the point of resonant frequency

When events will jump to natures tune, harmony sought

Balance restored, right conditions for a new start

Fair chance given to all that lives

T take back from man what he thinks he controls

Re-learn respect for what a man a nature can give

Understanding of the laws of interdependency

Don’t be ignorant as to the effect, interplay connects, dis-connects

Upset the balance, strain and stress will show & grow

Pressure blocked can only grow & grow.

The high release of force, energy of tension build up

The results of which we are witnessing now

India, Shi Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia

To name but a few, 50,000 – 100,000 missing untrue

As I sit hear counting my chickens

I hear on the news fear of more quakes, more waves

As fault line moves, regrooved after disturbance

Ripple effect sent out energy on the move

First one, they say measured 9 on the Rikkta scale

Showing our lives to be fragile and frail

Take stock of what you have got

So easy to loose, before you see, the joy in your lot

Stop your wanting for something else, something more

Be happy in living, be all that you are

If yo have ; give, if not, be happy to receive

No intention to deceive

Personally I feel the human race has lost the plot

Only the few not caught, lost in the rot

Not enough to tip the sway, to make a change today

Gone is our chance to take the middle path

So here comes nature with all her wroth

Ecuador -Part 15

Posted on Feb 03 2004 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , , , , ,

My reason for leaving work within the music industry were based on conclusions that soon became apparent after a couple of years working as tour manager & Foh sound engineer mainly for WEA & EMI
Head down, listening, learning; I was keen mostly paying attention to the people I was meeting, their personalities, trying to fit in and understand their world.

Welcome to a world that’s dominated by self importance, obsessions with power & the fame names of association. The record companies are well at fault, they lead new artists into a world of designer cloths, shoes, limousines, fat jewellery along with many other extravagances. The management, agents & promoters play along; they are in the club & are getting very well looked after, thank you very much.
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Ecuador – ver 4 pt 1

Posted on Mar 02 2003 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , , ,

I can’t do it, I am unable to happily pretend that everything is OK, True & Just; that our present path as a so called civilized race is one that leads us ‘ALL’ to peace & happiness. I take it that this ‘Peace & Happiness’ is indeed what we desire above all else……well I think not, not here in the West, the mighty hand of capitalism & consumerism has reached out & re-programmed millions if not billions of people.
All lost, mindlessly consuming each new product or the explanation of a situation, soaking up the implications of playing up to ego, vanity, material success, fame & money.
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Bilderberg Group

Posted on Dec 26 2001 under random things | Tags: , , , , , ,

[note – this writing was published posthumously and as such I have no idea where this text is taken from. No infringement of copyright is intended – just information sharing.]

This is a group of 115-120 of the most powerful men and women on Earth. Eight are supposedly from Western Europe and the remainder from North America. One third are from government and politics, and the remaining two thirds from industry, finance, education, and communications. They are chosen based on their knowledge, standing, and experience. They meet in secret four days every year.
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Posted on Nov 01 1996 under Diary of the ONE, Writings | Tags: , , , ,

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