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Obama Speech

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Equal As One

Posted on Jul 28 2005 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , , , , ,

“If there were not any cleaners, the world would be very messy”

All equal, all important, all working the One.

Even the man here is Thailand that goes through the rubbish, recycling all he can, we live in an apartment and all the rubbish from six floors ends up with this man, sifting and sorting through it, separating it and recycling it, making the most he can out of what others throw away.

But really his main income is as a police informant who let the police know anytime he finds something, anything untoward in the trash. Weed busts are rife cause of this bloke, the separator, informer.

“A holiday is when you stop doing for others, for pleasure or for a wage, and start to have time to do things for oneself, your wishes, your desires, your feelings, your emotions”

Tower of Alchemy

Posted on Dec 19 2004 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , , , , , ,

All beings are, to some greater or lesser extent telepathic, the key is to become aware of it. The greatest obstacle lies in overcoming the preconceived ideas of what telepathy is or should be like.

Telepathy is older than speech and transmits feelings & images more easy than precise words. This can be remedied through training & practice. The root lies in the ‘primal unity of all, the laws of interdependence. The Chakra that govern telepathy is called the Moon Center, the AJNA Chakra. This equates to the pituitary body situated just beneath the Pineal Gland – The Mercury Center)

Most of us are so busy having our own interior conversations that our minds are never still enough or placid enough to notice “Mind Speech” from others.

Telepathy is often the first Siddha (magical power) to spontaneously unfold when one has reached a level of spiritual awareness. Often referred to in older texts (Alchemical) under veils like ‘the projection of the stone’ ‘the twelve stage of the work, multiplication’

We may give advice out of pure motivation of compassion, but because we do not have a clear perception of the total situation the advice may lead other astray. With telepathy & the other powers of heightened awareness, such problems do not arise, because it is the full reality that is broadcast, the recipients own subconscious will present that which being projected in idioms (symbols) & language with which they are comfortable. Most are aware of their source of inspiration; there are a few that are not.

In rank rank hierarchy extends through every level of existence. It is composed of humans (incarnate & discarnate) Angels and Arch Angels. Life Forms unknown to the many, & those Great Ones (Some of which are humans) who gaze upon the light of the Most High, Face to Face, speak Mind to Mind.

The reasons behind attaining the knowledge of telepathy, “The Stone of the Wise” enshrined within the Mercury Center, is to produce a receptor capable of receiving the more rarefied spiritual influences, higher frequencies, and an organism capable of transmitting them. “Selfish Salvation” there is none. It is for all others that we undertake the “Great Work”

The Complete Hermetic Axiom of Wisdom is;

As Above so Below; As Within so Without

When listening to the voices from your innermost subconscious ask, “Does this take me closer to God or farther away?” then you shall know if to follow the feeling or thought. Intuition (Inner Teachings) is the way of the Eternal One communicating its own knowledge of itself to the personal consciousness of the Human Being. This knowing is imparted from above, through the images impressed upon the astral plane of Yetzirah.

Intuition is SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS in Origin & cloths itself in the symbolic images of the collective subconscious. True intuition is always clear & concise & its meaning unmistakable. Received through, learning, seeing, feeling… dependent on our personalities.

Invocation of the Most High with a certain heavenly intention, drawn from the depths of a sincere heart, conscious liberated from any ambition, hypocrisy and all other vices which are in affinity with these, including; arrogance, luxury, boldness, petulance, oppression of the poor and similar other evils. All of these are to be eradicated from the heart…. that when a man desires to prostrate himself before the Throne of Grace, in order to obtain health…. his body may be transmuted into a Holy Temple of God and purged from all uncleanness.

– Basil Valentine –


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Where is the love?

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This Life

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