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7 Levels – Work of the Kabbalist

It is taught that there are 7 levels in everything that exists, even visions.. These are usually divided into the Literal, Allegorical, Metaphysical & Mystical at the earthly level; and Soul, Spiritual, Divine in the heavenly level.

The Soul Triad – Work of the Kabbalist

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The Soul Triad on the tree of life is composed of Tiferet – Beauty and the self, Gevurah – Judgement, and Hessed – Mercy. It is the triad of deep emotion and the bridge between the upper and lower faces of the physiological tree. It has access to the world of Action & the Spirit, that is the physical level of this particular and the cosmic dimension of creation. It is a focus and vessel for receiving and imparting material from above to below and vise-versa. Normally the Soul operates as an unconscious organ of the psyche, but as the Kabbalist begins to work, so it becomes first alert, and then awakened in consciousness.

Providence – Work of the Kabbalist

The supervision of providence is a vast, subtle & complex operation. For most of us its workings are a mystery that gives us just what we need, rather than what we wan, at the right time. Its main aim, in accordance with the will of heaven, is to help mankind transform the world of Action and the elements into a paradise on earth in which the presence of the Holy One is known by every incarnate being. Read more »

Elements – The Work of the Kabbalist

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The first step is to know the body, which is the malkhutian vehicle for psyche & spirit.

The body contains four basic levels…

1st & densest is that of solids (Earth) including any structure that supported, carried or operated according to the mechanical laws, the skeleton, certain organs and muscle’s. Sense the weight and material composition of the body, how it hangs on the carefully designed structure of bones which are held in position by connecting tissue, the balance and counter balance of the muscles. Observe how the body moves with great subtlety and precision through every movement in a flow of positions that are held in momentary equilibrium.

2nd that of fluids (Water) which encompasses blood, sweat, urine and anything that flow through the organism. The fluid saturated tissue and organs are perceived as they hold and guide the slowly percolating fluids from their intake at the mouth to their exit in excretion and sweat.

3rd in the gases present (Air) in the blood, organs and lungs and cavities of the body, seen through controlled breathing and observing the reaction of the body as various qualities are absorbed and penetrate the tissue. The atmospheric balance in and out the body is crucial to its well being.

4th that of (Fire) the heat and light of the body, which is generated by the body and radiated out from within, as emitted by the body. By diligent practice one can glimpse or see the field of light that hovers just above the skins or perceive the various lines of the aura as they shimmer around a person.

The purpose of this awareness is to acquaint the person with the manifestation of the four worlds in their most physical form.


EARTH – (Solidity) Representing PRACTICALITY

WATER – (Fluidity) Representing MOODS

AIR – (Gaseousness) INTELECT

Know your body learn the ability to root or ground your self. Feet firmly on the ground, aware & conscious of your physical being.

Eyes related to Light (Fire)

Nose & Ears to Air

Tongue to Water

Rest of body to touch (Earth)

The Tester – Work of the Kabbalist

For Satan in Hebrew means “THE TESTER”

More than one great teacher has said that if only there were a few more thousand spiritually advanced people in the world, then the course of the flow of history would be changed. War and crime would diminish and then vanish, and many economic and social injustices would be corrected if the human race could begin to perceive (unconsciously at first) its family-hood.

History and events of the present century indicate that the vast majority of human souls on earth are somewhere between childhood and youth. After two global wars the possibility of a third remains quite real as the so called advanced nations squabble amongst themselves for the marbles of power on earth. Fortunately, there has always been a proportion of mankind that is more mature, at every point in history. It may be seem in messianic figures, great profits & teachers, or in traditions of high spiritual development, these have the ability to draw down their substance and power from the worlds above and focus it upon the activities on earth.

Kabbalah FAQ

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[Document found saved on Jamie’s laptop.]

Word doc on the Kabbalah. Post dated when Jamie saved it but credits are as follows:
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