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One Year One…

Posted on Jun 01 2010 under Diary of the ONE, Writings | Tags: ,

One year has now passed since James left us. Those you that don’t know will have mixed feelings on learning that his dad, John, joined Jamie this year after dying suddenly in January. Those that loved them try and dream about them on the “white shores” of the other side…although they are certain to be causing trouble. Rumor has it that not all the recent ash in the clouds is down to the Icelandic volcano but simply Jamie & his dad throwing a party after finding some particularly flourishing plants in Eden.
Most people that know and loved Jamie have found it extraordinarily hard continuing without him, but the days pass and here we are. Over the last year this website has grown as his writings, music and thoughts have been added although there is still more to be put up.  For those who have missed his voice and his laugh, check out some of his messages on his Dictaphone. Most are funny, thoughtful but too short. Please sign the guestbook and say how you knew him if you can or spend some time just listening to the tacks that he loved.

Please follow this link to see images that have not been seen before, gathered from his laptop. The track is by Peter Gabriel who I will say is not someone who would have been James’ first choice. He did listen to him as a teenager but although he loved the ‘real world’ vibe but there was never a enough groove in there for him. Still, his music leaks of everyone page of this website. Perhaps he wouldn’t begrudge one page of sentimentality – providing a drink and a smoke followed to provoke laughter, arguments and joy.

So, one year on we raise a glass again to our lost son, brother, lover, uncle, friend, work mate, school friend, tamer of sounds, acoustic dreamer, argumentative bugger, visionary of studios and collaborative harmonies. Have a drink. Have a smoke. Shout over the person talking. Laugh until you can’t breathe. Close your eyes look for truth in drum rhythms, dancing bodies or the lights on a sound desk. Another year passes and more will follow but Jamie lived for the moment and you are in one. Now.

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