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Goodbye – The now Late Great James Eade

Posted on Jun 02 2009 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , ,

June 2nd 2.45pm.

Yesterday, my spiritual, difficult, charismatic brother, James Eade died, aged 40.

As many of you know, his wish for many years has been to gather together his thoughts, beliefs and ideas and write his book. Sadly, Jamies life, as we all know , never ran either smoothly or slowly and although many attempts were made to pull all these things together, it never became possible.

Once his illness was diagnosed, he spoke to me and others about working on it again. Some friends had mentioned, perhaps, a small print run or some kind of publishing idea. However, first the constant nausea left him unable to focus for months at a time and then, when at last, that lifted, his physical strength had left him and he found even texting an effort, and focusing on his writing almost impossible.

Perhaps that dream may still happen in another way. Who knows.

This website was created by me for him in the hope that Jamie could use it to bring at least some of his short essays, poems and music to others. It has done that in some respects but for the same reasons as above, there is still a lot that is missing here.

So here I now sit, with his laptop in front of me and I can hear his voice as if he was sitting at the table I am now at, too. My plan is to go through his works and wherever possible, add (and date as accurately as possible) what I find in his multiple files and pictures. If anyone of his many friends and colleges have stories, writing, music or videos that belong here please send them to me. Jamies lifensoul address will now be forwarded to me at

I am aware that many of you don’t know me. Being in the wheelchair, I have sadly missed the great opportunity of meeting or getting to know so many of his good friends, colleagues and his close-knit sound engineering family which he established across at least two countries. I am aware that I did not know some aspects of my brother in the way that some of you do. But I will do my best to document his work, ideas and thoughts as efficiently and as true to Jamie as possible. He was true to himself up to the last seconds of his life. My aim, in this is to be true to him with what he has given me.


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