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Malta & Baz.. Most drunk indeed.. “Who are you”

Posted on Feb 24 2009 under Diary of the ONE, Writings | Tags: , , , ,

eyeIt is far better, you will see

To die fighting for what you believe

As long as tis pure and just

& the harmony & truth in your heart, be just

Your death in justice is seen

By the future of the populace’s dream

The spirit of all be pure

All knowing, complete in all

The all of everything

The complete picture we need to learn to see

The for ever folding eternity

A flight from unknowing & unaware

To a place where all is laid bare

The truth of all so easy to see

The meaning of life pure and clear

The natural, connected spirituality

If you for go a feeling it is not all connected

You have much to learn about the natural way

The movement of the atoms & elements an their cosmic interplay

One is all & All is One

Wake to your spirit connected state

No separation in materialization wake

When flowing down the Tree of Life

The decent from the source, all of One

through the unfolding of creation

Materialization and physical realm

instead of the spiritual the Kether Crown

Up to you to wake to the calling

There no loud hailer or avert pulling you in

Calling you in in cause this a thing for the few

The journey is up to you to find, to understand

Find the harmony & clarity to see it through

Who are you

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