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I Invoke

Posted on Jan 06 2005 under Lyrics, Poems & Feelings | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

I invoke the Lord of will within me

Take his word & strength at all times

Up to me to control me

Always good to have word from a guide

Connected spiritually  inside

Magic Mushroom

Posted on Dec 24 2004 under Lyrics, Poems & Feelings | Tags: , , , ,

Mushroom omlette, I think 2 between 3
Not so sure of the strength you see
psychedelic potency
For once the taste is not of earth
Cooked up well this buffalo birth
candleOut from the dung these babies grow
Harvested for their ability to show
Complete the connection from sub conscious and soul
Bring insight of nature to those open to know
Sharman food since beginning of man
Enlightening to the spirit of God’s plan
With spectacular effect, all that is, comes alive
Breathing and moving as in time with the tide
Natural rhythm, pulsating forth
Bringing you in to witness nature’s worth
No separation between you, the earth and the stars
Trees, insects, animals the fish & the flowers
All interconnected, to be seen as one
The Most High work, manifestation as done
To look back through yourself, majestic form
Experience every way and part of being
Natural the ongoing evolution song
From cell or parasite to small to be seen
To elephant and giraffe of the jungle dream
All has its place in the food chain scale
Feeding each other from plankton to whale
How diverse and wonderful is this creation show
& How us humans have forgotten how to live
Lost contact with our reasons to be
In harmony & balance, shepherding peace
Should be nature’s tuned in pressure release
Around to help when the balance distorted
We’ve lost it today all corrupt and extorted
All in our grasp to be stripped and sold
Mans obsession with self glory and gold
We will bring on natures retribution
Her chaotic & brutal ways of solution
Rid of our waste and blatant pollution
Free to create from the beginning again
Natures evolution, creation flame
Ongoing, eternal, no end & no shame
In words of rushes the feelings come
As the mushrooms kick in their work begun
As reflected moonlight of the sun
Your journey into spirit has begun
Moon centre open, at peace, at one





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