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Ecuador -Part 5

Posted on Feb 15 2004 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Only a few days ago I went to see “We were soldiers” at the time it was all that was on worth a look, I had my doubts, war, not really my scene.

It was “in fact” a very well made, un-bias & fair film re-creating the realistic pointlessness to war. The film focused on one particular battle of the Vietnam war, the first, where American troops & the Vietcong met in combat.

It portrays the senseless pursuit of the Americans from the outset of the war. It exposes the big reason/cover-up/excuse as “Communism”. Hugh propaganda was created by the American government to rally the US people round the action for war, war against the “evil communists”. Now in 2004, some 35 years later they still use the same religious garbage to sanctify war on “the axis of evil” America should look deep at its own ruling elite to understand the experience that is “evil”

Even in the film you hear the cry “We must fight the communist for the freedom of all people”. The senseless killing of many thousands of young American troops, most just out of school & basic training, why?
Well truth be know, it was a cover (every war needs a cover) Americans especially the rich ones with power, the ones owning the arms, oil & manufacturing companies, these people need war.

Without war they make a whole load less money, they, the board & top shareholders start to loose weight and spending power, living their lifestyle isn’t cheap. It takes a constant flow of much cash to pay for the luxury & opulent lives they lead.

JFK three letters that should mean something should tell you it all. At the very beginnings of the Vietnam war JFK came to office, he wanted a swift end to the war mongering and signed papers basically ending the movements towards war, ordering the return of any American troops already in place in Vietnam.

The arms & oil barons of Texas who had been so close to securing overwhelming financial security for themselves plotted, organised & executed.

Their elected president was assassinated because he wanted an end to a senseless war. They, the real baddies, will stop at nothing to get their way. Within days of his assassination a new man was put in place by the Texan lynch mob, he had JFK’s decisions altered and signed papers to kick start the war with a renewed force & aggression.

The Texan mob now satisfied could now sell as many weapons of mass destruction as ten years of war can amass. The booming raids on Vietnam were some of the most savage ever witnessed.

What a sad, sad state of affairs!

Well hopefully the Texan I was talking to in the bar went on to his destination in South Africa with a little more to think about than your normal average white American.

The only other mildly entertaining happening occurred on the flight to Quito, it was between me and the hostesses & it wasn’t what you’re probably thinking. I asked for a drink, the lady took my order and came back with 2 bottles of vodka (miniatures) and a can of tonic. Then she knocked me over, which was tricky as I was sitting, by asking for $8 it wasn’t the amount just the fact she wanted money at all.

Finding myself on many flights in the last 10 years, hundreds, nobody has had the nerve to charge for the drinks, oh Esayjet & all those roughriders excluded, I have never been asked to pay for a drink. If maybe I had been told previously, before I boarded, when I booked then it might not have riled me so.

Due to the amount of ice in the glass I could only fit one of the vodka & a small amount of tonic into the glass leaving the other miniature up-opened. I fell asleep well before finishing the drink and woke about 20 minuets from Quito. I asked the hostess if I could return the vodka I hadn’t drunk; I hadn’t paid my bill yet due to her having no change, so could see no problem. To my surprise she wondered off to talk to her supervisor confused by the amount of change she should be giving me back.

So enter bitch woman supervisor “Sorry sir it’s against company policy to give refunds”.

Now I’m on one, oh so happy for me to buy from them but if for whatever reason you want to return for a cash refund the whole vibe changes. “Oh no sir, we got your money & don’t want to give it back, sorry company policy”.

I say it’s about time we started acting together against big business and its policies. The consumer does hold the power & the money but is too disorganised to change or influence the situation we presently face, so they, being anybody that wishes, continue to take the piss with no opposition.

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