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The Show

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[Found on Jamie’s Laptop – dated as saved]

The Show – ‘Fire Dance’ the meeting of the soul

The search within visualized & produced as a frequency festival of a live show, the pulling back of the veils to reveal bliss, a journey into nature’s golden mean, her vast adaptation and beauty. Opening of the connection to the soul (as with psychedelics)
Reborn afterwards – complete
Sympathy of frequency, harmonized balanced & tuned, energy at flow, vibrating out through this show.
Sound, Lights, Lasers, Video, Incenses, Set, Atmosphere – All arranged & presented in harmony according to magickal law
Presented in the round with projection onto a centre sphere/screen from circumference. Within the sphere a cube screen projected from within onto 5 sides.
Dancers on centre stage guiding/encouraging the audience – fire pit in the centre of stage
Participation is the key – everybody involved in the show (removed if not willing to play along with the vibe) experience where it’s at.
Walk-in completely organised to set the scene and relax the audience to the right feeling of anticipation. (Laser wonderland)

All the visuals are present to bombard your senses, creating a situation where it is just best to close your eye, forget your surroundings, an groove, dance to the music. Those cats that strut about around, started one day unsure of there moves. 10-1-08

Act 1. (12mins)

Starts when all are seated with blackout (complete no light at all – no thing) leave in this state for enough time to create a feeling of apprehension & unease, increasing the tension in the air.
Just when people are starting to wonder a distant bass hum circa 192hz, over a period growing louder with the added harmonics of 96hz, 48hz, 24hz.
Strobe rope sends lightning flashes/strikes around the room, wait 18 seconds then big bang – thunder. Wait 24 seconds another lightning strike, wait 12 seconds then more thunder. 12 seconds later another strike, wait 3 seconds then big thunder.
The last lightning flash is followed instantly by big thunder!
Flood light for a second (after the last lightning strike auto rollers have ‘let go’ backdrops not seen as people walked in and sat down.
The colours of the spectrum in all its glory, examples of the species and manifestations of nature.
The keys – the planets, the elements, the star signs, the numbers.

After the flash flood – silence & blackout

Act 2. (36mins)

Dawn – Midday – Dusk – Midnight Elemental ecstasy

From darkness to light, through the colours of the spectrum as the sun rises to its zenith (time of the solstice) through to it’s setting & back to the darkest night at midnight.
The room oxygenated at dawn (sprayed in through values around the room) fans/blowers giving the movement of air
Distant sound of the sea growing with the opening of the day, increasing slowly, water vapour released as fine spray as if sitting on the shoreline of crashing waves
Temperature control moving with the opening of the day – temp of room controlled via blowers giving the feeling of the heat of the rising sun
Incense used to give the feeling of earth from blossom of early morn to dry heat of noon through to dusty musk of evening.
The 5th element – the audience – the spirit
Whole act harmonized to wake up all the senses, loosen the audience up, to loosen the grip and attain the attention of the whole being.
Natural reproduction of the elements via sense and feeling, the point to become aware of the 5th element
Revolving effect – act 24 minuets long (one for each hour of earth spin)

Act 3. (72mins)

As the sounds of the last act fade away with the darkness (the sea) distant tribal/shamanic drums are heard (simple, basic). Fade in/out images of the keys projected onto the screens (slow in time with the rhythm)
The rhythm changes and grows to incorporate various styles from around the world.
Growing in pace and complexity matched by the projections showing beauty (natural world) abundance of creative geometric shape & form
Lighting in rhythm with the sound & visuals building to a dance pace, flashed messages urging everyone to stand, instruction as to how to join the dance, tribal prance on the spot – Indian trot (possible turn to the right all move round the central fire to the beat, all in unison in the spiral groove)
Encouraged to move, loose inhibitions tribal spiritual groove – the aim to let go – to be the fool – understand natures tool of spirits grace
Fire from the centre to build the scene/colour & heat & visuals to be seen

Act 4. (Continuation of 3)

Mantra/chant from a distant arise lifting the soul with repetitive vibe
Vocals build up into ecstasy – spirit climb and rise up & away – release of spirit out to play – rejoice today
Slow and just transition to house, picking up of the beat as the tempo moves higher
Simple in rhythm and groove – ‘the calling/the horn’ nothing to prove – all the time the visuals in flow showing the way of the dance and the natural connectivity & unity of all
All encouraged to join in the mantra/chant – easy & simple – within/without
Always keeping the tribal feel of the dance round the fire – rediscover
Images flashing on the screens, guiding the way, adding the contence to the dreams
For fill the high dancing as a spirit in the sky
The aim – the point – ecstasy complete will in action, no thought as to how or why – just doing and being experiencing the high – being part of the picture not aback just looking at
Act 5. (36mins)

Just when all think that they cant take any more with the tempo at max (120bpm)
Visual & audio warning to cover or shut your eyes
Everything stops all visuals are gone – all bathed in pure light (max floodlight)
Light as you have never seen it before – feeling the heat as the energy transmits
Flow of energy – radiate – transmit – vibrate
Back to frequency the star flow of the show, working in harmony right across the range, stealing the senses and opening the doors to a higher perception and understanding of place
Single drum beating out the rhythm starting at 120bpm joined in unison by pulse of
Heartbeat from distant arises to match the general audience hearts pace from 120bpm the pace gradually slows – bringing them back down to normal relaxed rate to about 60bpm
Visuals slowing and simplifying to the tempo of the drum
Messages advice all to take their seats & sit straight backed, hands in lap, relax & close the eyes
Let it all go just feel the rhythm of individual breath – ‘feeling not thinking’

Act 6. (36mins)

Audience in their seats, close their eye, relaxed by breathing slow & deep
Guided by the visuals on how to breath and follow the rhythm of the drum
Meditation the way out – take them guided through breathing exercise & way to relax
No talk – no chat – silence is needed to start
Lost in silence as is – at one and at peace – nature readdressed
At end of the session slowly and subtly the crowd are brought back to waking state
Some cool music (meditation ambient style) is played and the exits are opened allowing people to drift off and out at their own pace.

The great pyramid vibrates completely in sympathy with the earth & her natural tune.

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