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Posted on Jun 17 2005 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , , , , ,

The story of two wizards, their journey from early adept-ship through the ordeals of the purification of the spirit. At one of these trials one fails and leaves to seek his own path, eventually turning into the path of the Black Brotherhood.

Story of a boy turned man, searching fro truth, he meets our good wizard to progress with his teaching & understanding of the Great Work.

The Great Work is applied daily by many Asian & Indian countries, in their seeing of god in all things, bring every moment into gods awareness & oneness of vision , sublime harmony.

The end of an Aeon, the student and teacher become aware that the Black Wizard and the Black Brotherhood (leaders of certain countries) intend to overthrow the passing of the Aeon (magically) so that things will not evolve (create), will not grow.. with the understanding of a new Aeon, that of the dying and rising God. They aim to keep all lost in the darkness, unaware, unattached & disconnected.

Its time to explain the babble in plain speak, old secrets rewritten and given in verse, much like Shakespeare or Crowley.

Reformation of the Original Knights Templar (Golden Dawn) A secret society swore to the protection of the truth and the seeing to spiritual justice. In the last Aeon all valour, courage, virtue, goodness.. were lost to the incessant taunting of glory, fame, wealth, power… Darkness throughout the world.

Journey into the age of Aquarius, the rule of Horus, the advent of spiritual oneness, understanding, peace & harmony; through complete integration and acceptance of all religions. Through a contact of adepts ans mystery schools of magick from around the world the energy is created via connected meditations, thus causing a spiritual vision so all are able to get a glance & feeling of told truth. A spiritual revolution, Overthrow of the churches etc..through the teaching of the student the wizard explains the history of the keepers of knowledge. From the watchers through the Egyptians & Jew up-to the present day. (showing the need to revolution against the catholic church & Bush baddies.

Explain how freemasonry crossed the Atlantic seas to the new lands (America) intent to build a new world, a new constitution for the basis of life, but greed and savage brutality crossed them over to the exploits of the Black Brotherhood, overtaken by personal power, glory & fame.

Correction of the way is what is required, personal individual awareness, conscious, decision against wealth, power, money, fame & material endeavors, turned towards courage, valour, truth, peace & honor.

Work in the searching of a detective to give the normal excepted view on the way things are meant to be. The preconceived ideas, the programming of the excepted way..

You gonna start thinking now – tonight be yourself!!

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