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Spiritual Characture

I feel like my spiritual character is made up of a strange mixture of various cultures, attitudes and beliefs. My background was very English and sheltered from all that really goes on, tis only as you grow up you start to find out for yourself what life really holds for you, as the reality of how mis-guided and mis-managed most situations really are. Always the material gains of the situation out-way, very quickly, the want or need for moral standards.

With me, my first was from LSD, a little similar to the American Indians when they initiated a youth to the understandings of being a man. They brew up a psychedelic brew that takes the participates into a trance like state, a higher stage of awareness, and as is nearly always the case, all those around are also effected, tripping. The climb higher, through dance and drums, raising their spirit, astral body, up with the awareness of the astral, spiritual places. At One, in harmony, unity, completeness.

My lesson when on the ride down off the high, if ya gonna get high you gotta be prepared to get low and deeply introspective, a full blown connection to your subconscious and at a deeper depth the One collective conscious, the source of the spark in all of us… MY GOD!

If you are unprepared for this experience you will find yourself in the position of having to explain to yourself (unless you got the money for a shrink) why you are like, what you are like. You have to face and front & deal with all the situations of spirit & soul moral moments, for your past is everything & will end up holding you accountable for all your actions, not just the much acquired 10 commandments, but a far more beautiful, amazing, incredible, mixture of simple rules. Deeper in vision, extending and incorporating all life on every level if existence.

As I was saying a mix of English, South American (Ecuador), Jamaican (Rastafarian), Thai Buddhist, Ancient Egyptian, Pagan… I still wait to put the picture into practice.

Many still live the true feeling, the true message, for a modern medium for the youth to learn and respect the old ways & beliefs and gain understanding so powerful, REGGAE is by far the most intellectual and educational of all music, not just by what is being said in the lyrics, although that helps, but by the simple groove & mixture of the musical rhythm and content.

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