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The Tarot

Posted on Dec 19 2004 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , , ,

THE TAROT – A noble contemplation  of the secret energies of nature

Invocation before starting, preparation for the reading; with the cards in your left hand, the right hand over them.

“I invoke thee, IAO, that thou wilt send HRU, the great angel that is set over the operations of this secret wisdom, to lay his hand invisibly upon these consecrated cards of art, that thereby we may obtain true knowledge of hidden things to the glory of thine ineffable name, Amen,

Wands        Fire       –    Great Energy/Quarreling or Opposition

Cups            Water   –   Love, Emotions & Pleasure/Intoxication

Swords        Air        –    Intellectual Matters/Sickness, depression, trouble & death

Disks           Earth    –    Business, Material endeavors/Failure

Court Cards     –    Meetings/People

Aces                  –    New Beginnings/ Great Energy & Strength

A card is well or ill defined by the presence of neighbouring cards on either side, cards of the same suit strengthen, cards of the opposite nature weaken.

Swords     are    hostile to Discs

Wands      are    hostile to Cups

Swords     are friendly to Cups & Wands

Wands      are friendly to Swords & Disks

The spread                                                13    9    5                            4    8    12

2    1    3

14    10                                7    11    15

Card 1:                Represents the querent and the nature of the energy & primary influences. A court card refers to a                                     dominant individual or influences in the querents situation

Cards 2 & 3       in conjunction with card 1 are the Key cards, describing the nature of the situation & personality of the                             querent.

Cards 13, 9, 5    &    4, 8, 12 – Upper left and right

Indicate two potentials for the future, if in compliment of each other the cards on the upper left are a                                 development of the upper right. If in conflict the upper right shows the direction the querents life will                             follow unless action is taken to change the course of the flow. the cards on the upper left would then                                 become alternative possibilities

Cards 6, 10 & 14

Are to assist the querent in taking/making whatever decision may be necessary, psychological basis &                             implications of any issue

Cards 7, 11 & 15

Show forces operating beyond the querents control, destiny or Karma – to which the querent can                                     adapt. They constitute advise as well





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