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Mr President…

Posted on Sep 06 2008 under Tunes | Tags: , , ,

Oh No, no, no – you cant do my soul
Oh Mr President listen to me
I’ve got to tell you about the peoples poverty
I know there is a lot that man you can do
Oh but the pain you bear means nothing to you
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Ecuador – Part13

Posted on Mar 02 2004 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , ,

It’s all about our programming, our internal operating system, the information that has been programmed into us by the governments, rulers & religions. This information or truth is flawed, incorrect & it’s acting like a virus eating away at the very fabric of our society bringing manifestations of increasingly negative degree.
Time Is, all of us need to awake from our sub conscious programming, our slave slumber, work at taking control & command of our own thoughts & emotions, create our own positive actions & reactions for our future evolution.

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