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Posted on Dec 17 2004 under Lyrics, Poems & Feelings | Tags: , , , , ,

Clean, clear, but all fogged up inside, bemused
That after of three weeks almost to the day
THC has not come out to play
Nor alcohol or any drug has been used
Mind alert to be bombarded from all around
No peace for the ‘aye’ to be foundcloth
So ‘aye’ just waiting for the time
When I’d end up smoking spliff, drinking whiskey & lime
Sitting with people I’d met a few times before
Sharing food and drink sitting around on the floor
Laughter and chatter bounding back and forth
For me; very little understood or said
Trying to keep aware of the body’s language
See where the vibe lies, am I being led
After 2 bottles of red label the call was made
One went of to collect a little Thai stick
Now me the one trying to give it a break
Show my will for my self-respect
So did I give in? Shit of cause I did
Had some blue skins, gave them a twirl
Knocked up a spliff to the amazement of the girls
We all got stoned, the vibe extended
I could feel deeper, closer in, so much more
Connecting far more than as before
Laughing, joking more whisky was drunk
An awareness of character of each in the room
Became deeper and more detailed, natural chemical zoom
Knowing much fuller what each was about
Sensing the finer points & where to watch out
As the acts of consciousness & motive are seen
More attention to full focus, using all that you got
Not letting the thought or feeling drift
Attention not drawn from the moment by a passing thought
That’s when you loose the connection, jump off the track
Anything can and will happen through focus relapse
So what do I say bout smoking the weed
Well it gives you clearer focus
Cuts out, edits, removes the dross
All the stuff of which you should not give a toss
Openly united with the one ness
Take time and tune, awareness will come & you ‘WILL” see

Ecuador – Part12

Posted on Mar 03 2004 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , , , ,

Guaiquil is the second capital of Ecuador, a port city on the southwest coast. The sprawling industrial city & commercial port of Ecuador, it is through Guaiquil trade flows to & fro with the rest of the world.
In the past this has been a very dangerous place for gringos, it still is if you venture off into the suburbs at night, although the city now seems cleaner & safer than Quito. I am told that recently a new governor was voted in; you can see the improvements in policing, cleanliness, hygiene & pollution. Quito at present has no police presence giving the blaggers a free run of the city. Before both cities were completely corrupt, officials getting rich while chaos reigned on the streets.
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