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Ecuador -Part 6

Posted on Feb 15 2004 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , , , ,

One small example of how we can all effect individual companies or products, it must be nearly ten years ago at the beginnings of my sound engineering journey.

I was on the way to a gig with a friend Ezer another sound engineer. Sometime during the journey I needed petrol and pulled into the first garage that came along, which happened to be a Shell garage, I had given it no thought. As we pulled in Ezer asked “why had I stopped at a Shell garage?”

“Its petrol init” I replied.
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Ecuador – Part17

Posted on Feb 03 2004 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

With no care or thought for the inevitable consequences of their actions or their effect on natural life & surroundings they push on, exploiting anything they can in their quest for profit & wealth. Far too much quantity is taken at a time, causing massive upheaval for the locals & surrounding natural life.
Look at any indigenous tribe see how they care for there resources, animals, plant & surroundings. Labelled primitive or savage in there understanding & ways of life, they are the ones who should be seen are more highly evolved & more civilised.

Our leaders past have much to answer for, only now are we taking the time to watch, learn & understand the natural & spiritual aspects of their lives & cultures. What have we seen? They live within a balance of order & harmony, with themselves & with nature, no greed, no excess, and no ego. Read more »





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