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2 Dream

Well… had two extremely vivid dreams last night..

The first, me and a friend found our-self in the same location as two, escaped,¬† lions, one male one female. Quite early on my friend and I got separated. The lion went after my mate, I have a feeling I saw a chance to get away and took it, running along a wall and up along a path. Although i don’t know what happened to my mate I didn’t see him again before I woke up.

Both lions ended up on my trail, they were hunting me down by my scent, on a few occasions¬† I found myself face to face with the male, the lioness always off in the background. One occasion found me lashing out with twdream, friend, seperated, lion, teach, yoga,, infectted,desease,mindless, understanding,o paint rollers, desperately trying to keep the lion at bay. He retreated, only to get straight back on my trail after a short break. I remember being cornered with my situation looking particularly grim… then I woke up.

The Second, Me and a few friends were away somewhere staying in unfamiliar digs, either for work or some kind of learning or leisure trip.

Although the beginnings are unclear as to why and how, people around started to become infected with a type of spiritual disease, it seemed that those infected relentlessly tried to recruit those uninfected, to the point of cornering the victim and forcing them to recite an invocation or spell, that once recited turned yo into one of them, the mindless collective. I remember when first approached the infected person was trying to reason with me as to why I should recite and join the group, I listened, my argument was that the books I read, I showed a couple, these were basically teaching what they were preaching, but with years of understanding and training via study & meditation, yoga: control. Which was needed to ensure that the knowledge and the power attained was not abused or let slip into the wrong hands.

They persisted and for what seemed like ages I was pursued by a hand full of infect-ants, slowly as they realized that I was no going to join them willingly they resorted to more and more violent means. My main assailant was a girl, who I think I knew, an ex-friend. She was relentless and it ended up with her hunting me down with knives, big kitchen knives. Naturally I defended myself with the same weapon, after many attacks and being cornered on a few occasion, I found backed again into a corner.

She was slashing at me with the knife & me to her in defence. Oh I have the feeling I had to kill a few others that had been infected, killed in various ways, when killed they would seem to be sucked out through a doorway, with a sorta blazing pattern, colors were red and orange, door in a door in a door.. and on to infinity… See sketch

I was tiring badly and could not have fought them off for my longer, the girl sensed this, I think, turned round to give her comrades the nod, I saw my chance and stabbed her under her left arm, through the ribs and I take it into her heart, the stab was deep and hard. She looked around with a smile, surprised but as if to say is that all you got. Then the doorway appeared and she started to get sucked through, the others were watching as if in shock, I realized there was a door behind me, opened it and ran out, over some bridge and along a path, away, escaped – then I woke up

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