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The Art – IR

Posted on Jan 06 2005 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , , , , ,

“Within every man & woman is a force that directs & controls the entire course of life” – Israel Regardie

“Properly used under will every affliction & ailment we may ever have would be avoided or cured , healed.” – IR

“In the ambient atmosphere surrounding us & pervading the structure of each one of our bodies cells is a force, a field of energy; this force is omnipresent and infinite; it is present in the most infinitesimal object as it is in the most proportion – staggering far reaches of the known universe. This force is life itself!”

“No thing in the vast expanse of space is dead. Everything pulsates with vibrant life; even the sub atomic particles of the atom are alive”. – IR





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    The following links (from the drop-down menu below) document the writings of Jamie over recent years. You will also find the some music, that was written by or with him or from the musicians and artists inspired Jamie.
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