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The Tester – Work of the Kabbalist

For Satan in Hebrew means “THE TESTER”

More than one great teacher has said that if only there were a few more thousand spiritually advanced people in the world, then the course of the flow of history would be changed. War and crime would diminish and then vanish, and many economic and social injustices would be corrected if the human race could begin to perceive (unconsciously at first) its family-hood.

History and events of the present century indicate that the vast majority of human souls on earth are somewhere between childhood and youth. After two global wars the possibility of a third remains quite real as the so called advanced nations squabble amongst themselves for the marbles of power on earth. Fortunately, there has always been a proportion of mankind that is more mature, at every point in history. It may be seem in messianic figures, great profits & teachers, or in traditions of high spiritual development, these have the ability to draw down their substance and power from the worlds above and focus it upon the activities on earth.


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You see what work does to me! No time to know whats going on. keep a train of thought or follow a set of basic exercises in either physical or mental disciplines.

Bush is looking to an overturn of the Equinox of the Gods once again the same type of person from long family lives is out to overthrow the “New Way” of evolutionary procession & keep the world in the old, ignorant, self centered ways. Some in power manipulating the events and course & flow of those events.The man must be ignored by world leaders. As the darkness of the aging Aeon receeds and the vision of the future Aeon permeates all being, we must not be led or fooled.

Ecuador -Part 8

Posted on Feb 15 2004 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , ,

Life is certainly cheap, the people have always been poor and the politicians & big business have always been corrupt. They rush around the city “As if they own it” in the big American blacked out 4×4’s, police escort, sirens wailing.

The locals call them “cabrones” the thief/rat.

The majority of the Latin people seem humble and genuine, possibly a result of not having too much in life like the west, great value is placed on family & friends.

When my ex Cecilia first moved to England from Ecuador around 7 years ago her first impressions were, I Quote
“You English you’re so cold, you have no respect, no love. All you are concerned with is money & status”
She went on to explain in disbelief about how we treat our parents when they get old. “You just send them away to a home when they are too much trouble, this would never happen in our country” You know what, she’s dead right; you would be hard pushed to find a nursing home in Latin America. Read more »





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