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Ecuador -Part 4

Posted on Feb 15 2004 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , , , ,

Anyway, back to the bar in Houston airport. I found my way out of the airport & over to a nasty, windy, paved corner area where the smokers were forced to hang out, I lit up, sucking hard and fast to get my hit, I chatted with a couple of other sub humans.

Then I walked back into the airport, feeling surprisingly dizzy, I take my place as I cue up at main security to the entrance of the departure gates. Security was at an all time high due to Sept11. (Don’t get me started)
The security guards stand glaring at me with searing eyes, me an unbalanced man, big smile, with no hand luggage just a small disposable lighter which I am asked to place in the tray so it can go through to be x-rayed?.
I smile, portable metal detector is run over my body & I return to my seat at the bar still dizzy. I repeat this process 3 more times before I board the plane to Quito.

During my second beer at the bar a very Texan looking Texan turns to me and asks quite out of the blue.
“So what do ya think of George Bush & Tony Blair’s stance against Iraq?”

I don’t think much could have prepared the poor man for the onslaught of retort that was my reply.
“All Texans & especially G.W.Bush just want to control & sell as much oil & as many arms as possible & damned with the consequences. Blair is just stupid enough not to see the truth and weak enough not to stand alone without America & paranoid that without Americans “Special relationship” Briton would pale into insignificancy on the world stage & our influence disappear.”

The Texans face was a picture as he asked “Do all you Brits feel the same way?”

You could see the waves of relief as I explained that the British people were also too lost or concerned with there own ambitions & self interest to even know let alone know or show they care. ”

The Americans are worse in my opinion, so wrapped up in their constitutional rights. All living the so called “American dream” in the best country in the world, unfortunately most is totally uneducated to anything outside good old U S of A.

Over 95% of the population don’t have passports & have never been outside the US.
Don’t you find this frightening given how fair & bias the media reporting in the US?

At present in Iraq, G W Bush is following in his father’s footsteps trying to oust Saddam, trying to get their hands on Iraqi oil. Their excuse to enter the country against the wishes of the UN Security Council was “Weapons of mass destruction!”
Most of which were conceived, designed, engineered, funded & realised in the US using US tax payer’s dollars.
Now supposedly in the wrong hands, (I ask who’s are the right hands?)

Recently it was reported that America had separated the most deadly flu virus to date, with NO known cure or antidote, why should they need to follow these routes, our playing will on day result in disastrous consequences.

We are now still in Iraq acting as law enforcement, overseeing the transition to an elected Iraqi government. Times are very unsettled with much resentment rising within the Iraqi people, much focused on the ways of the American military. Having captured Saddam & killed (murdered/assassinated) his sons, the country is in turmoil; there is a lack of belief in an American occupation, they do not feel the liberation that was promised.

As they entered into the war pushing for the green light they had no idea what they were going to put in place to get the country back on its feet in the aftermath. They seem more interested in which companies from which countries are going to profit hugely from the securing of commercial contracts to rebuild the devastation of the service infrastructures caused by the massive allied bombardment. Why do you think it is we like to blow shit up so much? Yes, we get paid to rebuild it.

We need to wage war, test our weapons systems, and show our might to the world. The companies & shareholders involved in the design & the manufacturing of all weapons & munitions stand to make huge payoffs when a war is sanctioned.

Who do ya recon owns the shares, sits on the board of directors or is the company chairman? Who stands to make the money?

Going by America’s past history, only a short one of some 400 years, if any country should be disarmed & or sanctioned to comply to UN agreements & law amendments it should be the US.

Nuclear arsenals, chemical & biological weapons, black ops, election rigging, assignation, the whole shi-bang comes out of the US. So much potential for peace is lost& replaced by paranoid misplaced beliefs. Quite rightly so, the motivations of most American businesses is only money, self interest & dumb greed, “Nada mas”

Why it is so hard for most to see through the veil of lies that is the United States of America. They are masters of deception & cover-up, scapegoats & dead ends, they want power, nothing more and nothing less will do.

Ecuador -Part 3

Posted on Feb 15 2003 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

So I find myself on yet another plane journey, this time thankfully of my own choice not a flight out to work but one to relax. First I have 17 hours on one of the most trying airlines there is, Continental. Overfed air-conditioning, gross pre-packaged, pre cooked food attempts & over happy, over sized, non-helpful hostesses.

Finally after 17 hours flying we arrive in Quito the capital of Ecuador, South America.

First let me tell you of our change of planes in Houston, Texas.
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Bilderberg Group

Posted on Dec 26 2001 under random things | Tags: , , , , , ,

[note – this writing was published posthumously and as such I have no idea where this text is taken from. No infringement of copyright is intended – just information sharing.]

This is a group of 115-120 of the most powerful men and women on Earth. Eight are supposedly from Western Europe and the remainder from North America. One third are from government and politics, and the remaining two thirds from industry, finance, education, and communications. They are chosen based on their knowledge, standing, and experience. They meet in secret four days every year.
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