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What You Need

Posted on Nov 30 2008 under Lyrics, Poems & Feelings | Tags: , , , , ,

Live by vibes to stay alive

Open mind to what’s inside

Some of us we try and hide

sun That deepest feeling from inside

How to live your life is up to you

Many will try & tell you, what is true?

Learn to follow that feeling inside

Trust the spirit guide

There’s many a man Gonna feel the pain

When the only concern is personal gain

We all gotta live for “What you need”

Not what you want “We call that greed”

blue eyeTis balance in all the final aim

Don’t get mixed up

Don’t play their games

If it’s needed step aside

Take time to think

Find your vibe Wise men say “You gonna pay”

If you no feeling for life today

So learn to trust that feeling inside

It’ll bring you Love You cannot hide

Connect with IT

Posted on Dec 27 2004 under Lyrics, Poems & Feelings | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Don’t try and control it, connect wit it

Feel it, learn it & understand it

Its all that there is

So find time, alive, tune in & release

Anything of material that you have to give or receive

Is but matter, all connected, on high interleaved

By grace of God, believe
This feeling of random violence and proximity to death helps turn an otherwise meaningless day, conjugating verbs in the classroom, into an adventure of survival – Off the Rails in Phenom Phen – Guns, Girls & Ganja

Thailand – This place is alive with nature, its beauty all around. Something to eat, everything that ever is, taking life from another whatever it is, meat, plant or fish, so as you can continue to live. The ultimate sacrifice, a creatures biggest gift. So when you consume, stop to give praise to what has given you your life. Glory at the wonder of the infinite choice, see how it works, all interlinked so tight. Take time to look, find IT and rejoice tonight.





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