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Posted on Feb 04 2005 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , , , , ,

On or around the 29th Jan..

The setting was a gig, TV gig, I was working for Dougie operating monitors. Most of the dream happened before the gig started, I was setting up my desk, there was loads of crap & rubbish on and around the desk which I spent a lot of time clearing away, much of the objects to be kept and tidied were placed on the desk by me.

I was not told of any time scale as to what time to be ready for the show, so I was taking my time and got a little over indulged. As the area became organized I left for some reason, maybe to go to the toilet, when I returned the show had started and I hadn’t set up the monitors for the band. When Doug saw I was coming back he came up to me and cussed me for loosing him a possibility of more work from that client.

Funny…. I felt justified in arguing my point that nobody told me when we were going to start or how much time I had to get ready – Then I Awoke.

On or around the 30th Jan… the next day..

The setting was another gig, an outside conference gig, this time both Dougie & Ray were present as bosses. The gig had already been set up as I arrived, all the equipment in-place and connected. We were going almost straight into the show, I was looking at the desk, I was operating, nothing was marked up or labeled so I didn’t know where anything was coming into the desk or what we were using on the show. The show-caller was calling Go on a VT and I couldn’t find it on the desk. This went on for a while with me getting more frustrated and confused, I kept thinking why didn’t you mark up the desk?

I turned to Ray to state the fact of why I was messing up, as I turned back to get on with the show the desk had been moved and was possibly a different desk altogether, still not marked up; The frustration and annoyance grew. I felt incapable, foolish and well out of control of the situation. I remember thinking over and-over “this is not how its done” why is the desk not marked up? I think I remember Doug & Ray saying “Oh just get on with it” – Then I Awoke

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