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Natures Balance

Posted on Aug 24 2005 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , , , ,

We are messing with natures balance

For along time now we have been burning of earths resources, taking what we want & polluting without a plan. No thought of consequence to nature & our earth or the events to come as she re-balances, re-adjusts herself back into harmony and equilibrium.

Many will die in the changes to come as the adverse events around the world will show. As the earth dies screaming so as to be born anew. Earth force is directed through its weather systems, as they become erratic and out of character for place or time, floods, freezing, storms, drought, hurricanes, tornadoes, twisters, lightning strike & electrical storms, burst river & dams, mudslides & famine no crops will show.

Elimination of the excess population through natures planetary cosmic need to be harmonious & balanced. Tis only the beginning of the Karma to be delivered on the material plane, Malkuth. Since industrialization and the advent of the machine, we done nothing but abuse the new found power created. As food stocks & crops around the world start to drop and the supplies to the cities slowly dry up and them stop. What chaos will ensue as all try to find food & safe water to drink.


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