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Providence – Work of the Kabbalist

The supervision of providence is a vast, subtle & complex operation. For most of us its workings are a mystery that gives us just what we need, rather than what we wan, at the right time. Its main aim, in accordance with the will of heaven, is to help mankind transform the world of Action and the elements into a paradise on earth in which the presence of the Holy One is known by every incarnate being.

For most, such a realization of this interplay can only come about after many lifetimes, as accumulated experience brings about insight by degrees and then real knowledge about the purpose of existence. Not everyone is sensitive or intelligent and may in pursuit of wisdom & happiness are still children in the matters of the soul & spirit. Therefor providence designs special situations in which the person seeking truth can find it, so that growth can occur and the next stage begin to be prepared for. This phenomena takes some time to recognise, but once it is, then the person/aspirant flows with the movement of heaven. Here we live out fate consciously and use it for self development.

Fate is the patten of ones life. It is designed by the laws of retribution which deal with both reward & punishment. This means that each person has a set of fatal meetings arranged by providence which canot be avoided, although they may be discarded once the connection is made. This however, does not mean that the business is finished. The meeting will recur, if not again in this lifetime, them in another until the issue is resolved.

At the beginning one is handed out all sorts of help. Books come one’s way as if by accident. Coincidence brings certain people into contact, situations occur as if by design, rather than random laws in ordinary life. It is as if we are being guided and given just what we need at the moment.

This is the hallmark of providence.

The name providence is just what it says, it provides with precision and capability because the cosmic level from which it operates can see the overall picture. Thus you are sometimes posted a problem ‘out of the blue’ which means out of the sky or heaven. Sometimes the task allocated is not easy or obvious. It might be a difficult relationship in which one partner watches over the other and helps him or her through a spiritual crisis that could last for years. This has the effect of testing commitment & integrity.

It might take the one encounter to suffice to complete something from a previous existence, or it could take many years to work through complex karma with either individuals or groups. The kabbalist takes this factor into account in all relationships whether intimate or distant, for they are a part of his or her training to become aware of the inter-relationship of the inner and outer worlds, because nothing is separate in the universe. Here is the underlay of providence.

CRISIS – The objective is not just to survive the crisis, but to learn as much as possible from the experience, because very often these periods of disruption are when the most direct knowledge is gained about oneself & existence. Seen from the Cosmic point of view, the dimension alters and one begins to see such critical events as spiritual tests. Now according to tradition, Satan is the tester. Indeed, his name means just this. As Benai Elohim, the Son’s of God, it is his last to pressure the righteous and test their genius. If a crisis is regarded as a test even the most unfortunate of circumstances can be put to good use.

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