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Ecuador – ver 4 pt 1

Posted on Mar 02 2003 under Diary of the ONE | Tags: , , , ,

I can’t do it, I am unable to happily pretend that everything is OK, True & Just; that our present path as a so called civilized race is one that leads us ‘ALL’ to peace & happiness. I take it that this ‘Peace & Happiness’ is indeed what we desire above all else……well I think not, not here in the West, the mighty hand of capitalism & consumerism has reached out & re-programmed millions if not billions of people.
All lost, mindlessly consuming each new product or the explanation of a situation, soaking up the implications of playing up to ego, vanity, material success, fame & money.

What I’m getting at is….We the people, as oppose the privileged few, seem content to let the few dictate how, when & why we live; even how, when & why we think.
It is now so hard to ‘switch off’ to find a place where you are not being continuously bombarded by adverts, Tv, radio & the opinion & attitude, stressed & strains of life’s expectations.

These ‘implications’ have much power, they are organised & detailed, written & edited to play on your sub-conscious, programmed into you by rhythmic pattern of sound, picture & words. Most of the numbties working within advertising & the media would have no idea of the sub-conscious interplay being created within their work.

It’s not funny when you can see & understand the deeper implications of infinite stream of decisions, aware or not, that are ‘cause and effect’ I guarantee you that the top people in society, institutions or groups very much understand a bigger picture.

I would like you to find a comfortable place to sit, or lie down, close your eyes, clear your mind by counting 1-4 as you breathe relaxing with each breath. When you’re well relaxed try and picture/visualise the next 20-30 years. I was going to help but I think its better you picture it ‘as you see it’ It’s probably best to write something down to paper or computer the more detailed the better.

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